Does Powder Coating perform better?
Yes. Powdercoating is a process of fusion of resin by baking which forms a bonded coating and is securely attached to the material being coated. When compared to paint It is more durable, more resistant to abrasion, more UV stable and can be applied in a wide range of finishes, textures and properties to suit any application. 
Is the process cheaper than chrome plating?
Yes. The process does not require the extent of preparation and chemical pre-treating needed by chrome plating. With shorter time to process, simpler application and more environment friendly materials, powdercoating cost is much less than chrome plating
Is the powder non-toxic?
Yes. There are no VOC’s (volatile Organic Compounds) in the powder used for this coating and no additives. Therefore no gases or effluents result from the process and disposal of the powder is friendly to our environment and human consumption
Can you sandblast the product without removing paint/ chrome?
No. Sandblasting is done to remove impurities from the metal surface being coated for better adhesion and good finishing. All old paint must be therefore removed with sandblasting. For chromed surfaces, as long as the surface is blemish or rust free, the chrome can be etched smoothly thereby creating an even prepared surface for application of the powder. Whenever the chrome is damaged in any way, it is recommended that it be removed completely before coating
What is the difference between standard and premium coating?
The standard coats are single application coatings and are generally solid or textured finishes. The premium coat is a multiple application coating necessary to give the special effect of candy, high gloss transparent, hybrids etc which cannot be achieved with one pass.
Designer coats are special application or aesthetic for customers who simply seek a special, higher level  finish
Do you get a high quality and durable finish?
Yes. Because the powder is applied electrostatically, the thickness is consistent resulting in a smooth even surface with no runs or sags and tight bonding to the surface coated by heat
Does it resist scratches, corrosion-abrasion?
Yes. The average powder coat has a pencil hardness of 2H which is significantly above paints generally. There are powders which are even harder which can be used upon request.
Corrosion resistance is also much higher than paint and can be increased as much as the application requires by use of powders or combinations with the necessary properties. Powdercoating is used extensively in marine, agricultural and high abrasion applications both indoor and outdoors.  
How do you clean your powder coated product?
Using mild hand soap, dishwashing liquid or any household cleaner that is not abrasive with a soft cloth. Solvents should not be used.
Do you have dripping or sag problems?
No. the electrostatic application vastly reduces the possibility of runs or sags.
Do you repair rims before powder coating?
No. Customers are advised to repair any damages done to rims before bringing them to powder coat as the company is not geared for this service.
What is the best delivery lead time?
Lead times are quoted for a maximum oftwo weeks. However delivery can be much quicker (and usually is) based on the loading in the shop.