For the past 17 years, Panland Trinidad and Tobago Ltd. has blazed a trail unlike any other in the steelpan industry. The company represents the largest manufacturer, exporter and marketer of the steelpan instrument worldwide, and is also proud to be the largest employer of dedicated experts in the industry.

The company remains committed to the innovation, and elevation of the instrument in the global mainstream music markets of the world, while enhancing the livelihood of its native Laventille and Trinidad & Tobago communities. 

Panland Facts
  • Began in 1993 as Trinidad & Tobago Instruments Ltd
  • Became Panland Trinidad & Tobago Ltd in October 2006
  • Largest Steelpan manufacturer in the world
  • Located in the heart and birthplace of the steelpan - Laventille, Trinidad
  • Introduced color to pan in 2003 with full service introduction in June 2007
  • Largest network of wholesale and retail customers worldwide
  • Widest range of pan products and accessories available
  • Entrepreneur of the Year, Emerging – Trinidad & Tobago – 1998
  • Entrepreneur of the Year, Finalist  - Caribbean Region – 2000