Whether you are a parent interested in creative learning solutions, a music student interested in learning a new instrument, an artist looking for on-stage product or a professor looking to introduce the steelpan to your curriculum, we have the package solution for you! Our packages and special offerings provide a variety of all-inclusive options at affordable prices.

All prices are quoted in US dollars, and are applicable to purchases for delivery outside of Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean. For local and regional purchases and deliveries please contact us for pricing information.

Starter Steelband Package (5 Piece)

Picture of Starter Steelband Package (5 Piece)
The Starter Steelband Package is ideal for starting a steelband at the most fundamental level. A manageable set of instruments, which allows exposure and arrangements covered by the four main voices of Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.

$8,700.00 (USD)

Standard Steelband Package (10 Piece)

Picture of Standard Steelband Package (10 Piece)
The best recommended package for starting a steelband where there is demand of many players, space and affordability being other considerations.

$15,600.00 (USD)

Full Steelband Package (16 Piece)

Picture of Full Steelband Package (16 Piece)
This package is the best option for full, robust sound of the steelband with all voices and pan variety included.

$26,900.00 (USD)