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Ordering Information

Panlanpanlandfactory shot.jpgd Trinidad & Tobago Ltd.
Cor. Eastern Main Road & Dorata St.,
Laventille, Trinidad, West Indies

Telephone: (868) 623-1634
Email:  steelpan@panlandtt.com
Website: http://www.panlandtt.com

Panland USA
3389 Sheridan Street, #210
Hollywood, FL 33021  USA

Prices listed on this website are not applicable to local Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean region. Customers in these areas should contact PanlandTT directly for a quote using our Enquiry Form .

A Proforma invoice will be sent to the customer providing details of product availability, costs, delivery and payment options.  Customer must confirm acceptance of terms by fax or email.

Prices listed are Retail Prices.  Wholesale customers must qualify for special pricing.  For more information, please submit an enquiry form.

Full payment must be made prior to delivery.  Billing in US Dollars.  Payment can be executed via Paypal, wire transfer or banker's draft.  Payment terms may vary based on customer's type and order characteristics.

Delivery will be direct from our factory in Laventille, Trinidad

Orders are shipped with protective packaging to any country in the world.  Shipping may be freight collect, or on request, direct to the customer.  Information on the best and/or most convenient rates out of Trinidad will be provided on request.

Product Specification:
A standard spec is offered for all products, however all practical variations can be produced.  Additional charges may apply in some instances.
All coated products are powder-coated - standard offer.
  • Basic Coat:  Single Pass Coating
  • Colours are - black, white, silver, red, blue, green, and yellow
  • Premium Coat:  Double Pass Coatings [Base and Top Coat]
  • Colours/special effects are: candy blue, candy red, candy gold, candy black chrome, extreme chrome, sparkle silver, Twilight [4 colours]
  • Special colours not listed above can be requested.  Prices may vary based on colour requested.  Generally all colours can be made available.
For further information and advice,write, call, fax, email or fill out our Enquiry Form .

If you are ready to place an order, visit our store now!

Shipping & Delivery Policy

Shipping is normally done as follows:
Small packages (up to 24 inches on any one side)
  • Express Mail service (EMS), normal transit time is 4-7 days.
Larger Multiple item orders
  • Airfreight or Sea (LCL) freight to closest port of call 
  • Shipping can be made direct to your desired location if required.  In either case, options of method with transit time and cost will be provided for customer's decision
Very Large orders
  • Container or air according to customer's request. 
  • Customer may also request specific or preferred carrier or method
  • Shipment can be prepaid or postpaid, to desired port of call or free domicile to shipping address
In any of the above shipping methods, all customs (dutiable fees) and handling charges are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Customer acknowledges that they are responsible for any fees, penalties, or surcharges applied by carrier resulting from inaccurate, incomplete or inadequate data provided by customer for parcels shipped using carrier's service after payment for shipment is received.

The lead time for delivery of any order will vary with the size and type of the order as well as stock availability.  Delivery time will be provided with each order prior to confirmation.  Panland TT guarantees that the condition of products on delivery is the same as when it leaves the factory.  If the product is received damaged, it will be replaced providing that we are notified immediately upon receipt.  Customer may be asked to provide photos of damaged products.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of our product for reasons of workmanship or performance, you may return it for replacement within 10 days of receipt.  Goods returned are required to be in the original condition.  Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.

Packages requiring exchange will incur additional charges both to and from the customer as well as a 15% re-stocking charge unless the return is the result of our error.

All returns must be issued a Return Material authorization (RMA) before items are returned.  To request your RMA, please contact steelpan@panlandtt.com. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .  This guarantees your return is properly  recorded and your refund or exchange is issued accordingly.

The customer must file claims for any order fulfillment errors within 10 (ten) days after receipt of customer's order.  Upon receiving such a claim, Panland TT will promptly take steps to identify the source of error, and if determined that it was our error, we will undertake corrective measures, which are appropriate under the circumstances.  We reserve the right to research the validity of the claim by any means reasonably necessary.  Customer agrees to allow us reasonable access for this purpose.  If evidence indicates that there was no error in fulfillment, or that the error was caused by the customer, we shall not be obligated to replace or re-ship the order in question.  Further, if customer acted in bad faith or was grossly negligent in submitting a claim, we may require customer to reimburse us for reasonable administrative charges incurred by us in evaluating the merits of the claim.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement for patrons under 18 years old:

Panland Trinidad & Tobago Limited takes your privacy seriously and will not sell or give any information that relates to you personally (for example: name, phone number, street, or email address) to other persons.  If you are under 18, you must ask your parent  or guardian if it is OK to give us that kind of information if we ask for it.

Show your parent or guardian Panland's Online Privacy Policy (below).

Privacy Statement for patrons over 18 years old:

Panland Trinidad & Tobago Limited [hereinafter called Panland] takes your privacy seriously and will not sell, rent or otherwise make available any personal data submitted by visitors to our site to any third parties. This information is understood by us to mean your name, address, telephone number and email address.  This information will not be used for any direct marketing or unsolicited follow-up unless we have previously informed you of this possible use and you have given us your expressed permission when submitting it. 

With your permission, Panland will use this information for such purposes as:
  • Sending you paper publications or other correspondence
  • Sending you email press releases or notifications
  • Delivering goods or prizes
Panland does not make use of non-personally identifiable statistical information (browser type, geographical location, age, gender). However, for optimization of our sites, and as part of our continual internal review process; or in general, a way to learn more about the consumers of our products.  However, this information will not be disclosed to third parties by Panland.  This data will only be used for the stated purpose, and will not be used for any unsolicited communication unless you give us permission.  Panland does use tracking technology ('cookies').  This is solely to tailor our sites to better suit your needs.  Children and young people under 18 years old are advised to get permission from their parent or guardian before they submit personal data to Panland's web sites.

All material, trademarks or other intellectual property on these sites is the property of Panland or affiliated companies, and is subject to copyright.  Reproduction for personal use is permitted.  Unauthorized modification, copying, hiring, lending, transmission, and broadcasts are prohibited.  Material from this site may not be sold or otherwise distributed for profit.  Links on this site may take you outside the Panland webpage, and Panland accepts no responsibility for the content, accuracy, or function of those sites.  The links are provided in good faith and Panland cannot be held responsible for any subsequent change in sites to which Panland links.

Panland will not be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages, costs, losses or liabilities whatsoever arising out of your access to, or use of this site.  Everything on this site is provided to you "AS IS".  Panland does not warrant the accuracy of any of the material contained in this site or that it fits any particular purpose.  In addition, Panland shall not be liable for any damages to, or viruses that may infect your computer equipment or other property, by reason of your use of, access to, or downloading of any content from this site.
Personal details sent to Panland sites are subject to our policy on privacy and protection of personal data.  We understand all information you communicate to Panland through the internet (including any remark, suggestion, idea, graphics, etc.) becomes and will remain our exclusive property with unrestricted rights to use, without compensating you or anyone else for them.  In addition, any such information will not have to be treated by us as confidential.

Panland Trinidad & Tobago Limited reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.  Should that occur, the site will always have the most current version.

For further information contact:
Panland Trinidad & Tobago Limited
Cor. Eastern Main Road & Dorata Street, Laventille, Trinidad & Tobago
Phone:  1-868-623-1634     Email:  steelpan@panlandtt.com