Our miniature steelpan collections are great for beginners and early music educators, and include fully - tuned instruments that are prepared to similar musical specifications as our larger sized offerings. Panland offers these items in a variety of scales, colours and sizes. Several instruments also serve dual purposes as great gift items and fun, safe musical toys!

The following points are applicable to all products in this section:
  • Standard tuning  is based on A-440 pitch.
  • Materials and designs are lead and toxin free, and meet international child-safety standards
  • Notes are marked and lettered on all pans.
  • All products are packaged as individual compact units

All prices are quoted in US dollars, and are applicable to purchases for delivery outside of Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean. For local and regional purchases and deliveries please contact us for pricing information.

Miti Pan

Picture of Miti Pan
The MITIPAN Miniature steelpan is the smallest playable steelpan in our series. The range of 6 notes limits capability for completed melodies.

$46.00 (USD)

Piti Pan

Picture of Piti Pan
This easy-to-use steelpan is made specifically for gift and toy markets, and a fun method of music introduction for young children.

$69.00 (USD)

Mini C Pan

Picture of Mini C Pan
This instrument is an excellent introduction to the steelpan for children and adults.

$103.50 (USD)

Rainbow Mini C Pan

Picture of Rainbow Mini C Pan
This special version is the Mini C pan coated in Black with each of the note areas denoted with a colored circular patch, which identifies the note by color, and guides the player to optimal striking area. Colors are based on Boomwhacker colors popular in children’s musical toys.

$132.25 (USD)