Music Scores for SteelPans 'Beginners'

Author: Salah A. Wilson
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As  Steelpan music becomes more popular,  there is an ever increasing demand  for more music arranged for the Steelpans. Music Scores I (for Steelpans) is the first of a series of publication designed to fill this need. This first book is made to accommodate the beginners with simple basic music for easy reading and playing. It progressively increases in difficulty while providing an array of different styles including traditional, reggae, calypso, blues and classical. It is set up for the basic music of Soprano, Alto,Tenor and Bass.
These four voices are adaptable on the pans for instance Soprano (lead and double lead); Alto (double second, double lead); Tenor (double guitar, cellos pan, quads); Bass (four-pan bass, six-pan bass, nine-pan bass). Apart from the full score for each song, it is broken up for each individual voice. We hope that this first publication finds adequate usage for the beginner and a framework for the teacher-arranger.

Music is fun so let the learning be also fun thereby encouraging full participation from all the students.