Poco A Poco Step by Step "Learn Music Theory with Steelpan" -Volume 1

Author: Salah A. Wilson
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Due to the ever increasing demand for more information, the Poco a Poco (Step by Step) book is a simple beginner’s music theory book designed with children in mind, but well adapted for adults. It is a progressive step in learning music theory. This volume 1 is prepared for the earlier Grades. It offers an illustrated approach to learning music with the use of Steelpan instruments. The basic rudiments are arranged in a sequential user friendly manner so as to encourage the students to think and act, while the practical applications on the Pans are an easy follow through. We have presented the information in a systematic yet comprehensive format by introducing a concept and then its application.

We have chosen the basic Steelpan instruments of Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass, these are the core instruments of any Steelpan group, they also represent basic instruments needed to perform complete music in the genre of Melody (soprano), Harmony (alto and tenor), Bass (bass). As with any other topic or subject, discipline and consistency are two of the key elements in attaining any degree of success. We invite teachers to prepare their overall lessons ahead of the prescribed courses.

Music is fun so let the learning be also fun thereby encouraging full participation from all students.