Steelpan Playing with Theory with Teachers Manual

Author: Salah A. Wilson
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The ever increasing demand for more information has been the catalyst for the concept of producing a guide, a practical resource handbook, that is a supplement to the Text Book “Steelpan Playing With Theory” by Salah A. Wilson. “The Teacher’s Manual” is that guide which will enable the individual teacher to show and explain in detail the process of teaching music with the Text Book.

“The Teacher’s Manual” is a class by class breakdown of running a steelpan program in a public or private school. This is based on the practical experiences of the author teaching in the public and private sector for more than 25 years. This book will enable the teacher to set up a structure to produce exams in theory and practical works. The result will be a graded program. There are two additional supplementary books that goes along with this package (i) A “Homework & Exercises” book and (ii) A “Practical & Technique” book. These two books provide additional material for extra work in Theory and Practical for the enthusiastic student.
It is the author’s hope that these books will ensure that proper music literacy will go hand in hand with learning to play the Steelpan.