At Panland, we cherish the products we make, and so will you. Protection of your instruments will not only preserve their quality and appearance, but will also allow for easier transportation of your instruments, ensuring you get the most value from your purchase. Our collection of cases and coverings provide the highest quality products on the market, with selections suitable to all ranges and sizes of instruments.

All prices are quoted in US dollars, and are applicable to purchases for delivery outside of Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean. For local and regional purchases and deliveries please contact us for pricing information.

Single Protective Case

Picture of Single Protective Case
Premium protective leather case for individual Tenor steelpan instruments. Carries one individual steelpan drum.

$244.00 (USD)

Double Protective Case

Picture of Double Protective Case
Premium protective leather case for two-drum instruments (Double Tenor, Double Second), with convertible option to allow for individual drums in the mid-range (Guitar, Cello, Quadrophonic).

$328.00 (USD)